- Nepotism in Perspective
- Absentieesm Management: Putting the Wagon behind the Horse
- Non disclosure at Job Interviews
- Double Jeopardy
- Probation in a nutshell
- Resination: A Unilateral Act
- Land Reform for farmers
- The Marikana experience
- The self-supervising employee
- Constructive dismissal
- The New Revolution in Labour
- Under the influence
- Equal Pay
- Non Disclosure

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NEWS FLASH / LATEST UPDATES "..Employees often are of the view that they are entitled to be absent from work . This attitude typically stems from the fact that the rules with regards to absence from work are not consistently applied, because the employer itself does not have a proper understanding of the principles involved. . ..." click here for full article

".... Her failure to disclose material information in response to an express invitation to do so, deprived her new employer of the opportunity to make an informed decision as to the effect that the suspension and pending charges may have had on the contemplated employment relationship.. ..." click here for full article

"...Although the facts of the case are of an extreme nature, it serves as an eye opener to employers appointing employees into senior positions upon the assumption that they are self supervising based upon previous experience..." click here for full article